Here we share the tale of Thurber the Yellow Lab in four sections: 

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“Labosecond:” The time it takes Thurber to destroy the blue pen I just dropped! 

Thurber's Tail: Syndicated Dog Humor Column

Syndicated humor columnist and author Tom Purcell — his columns appear in more than 400 newspapers — has launched a new weekly column, Thurber’s Tail. It features funny stories and “tales” about his Labrador, Thurber, and lessons he ‘s learning as a new dog dad! 

Why Does My Dog?

Tom answers common dog questions with well-researched answers to explain why dogs do the funny things they do!

Life with Thurber: Tips from a new Dog Dad

Follow along as Tom writes a book recounting his first year with Thurber, and provides tips he wishes he had known to help you prepare for your first puppy!

Fun Dog Videos

Thurber sleeps to the lullabye song when he is only 9 weeks old and home for his very first week!

Thurber will celebrate his 2nd birthday on Christmas Day, 2022. This video celebrates his first year!

We got some snow already, but Thurber can’t wait for a nice thick coating so he can really play!